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The Destination



Europe has something to offer to everyone.  From the shopoholics to the romantics, everyone can find something to make their experience amazing.  Ski the Alps, shop Champs de Elysee, float on a gondola or eat and drink through Germany.  Whatever you're looking for Aztec Travel can help you find it!

USA and Canada


The United States and Canada both offer unique experiences for travelers.  View Niagara Falls from either the USA or Canada, visit the national parks, walk through Butchart Gardens, cruise Rt. 66 or hike the Canadian Rockies.  Whether you're an adventure seeker, a road trip person or in need of a relaxing trip these countries have something to offer to fit your needs.



The Caribbean offers more than just beaches.  Go zip lining over jungle canopies or diving with dolphins all while experiencing gourmet cuisine and fantastic resorts.  Each island offers a completely different experience and different culture making this one of the best places for a tropical summer get away.  

Australia and New Zealand

Sightseers can go see the Sydney Opera House or drive The Great Ocean Road.  If you're more daring dive the Great Barrier Reef or go surfing.  For the food and drink connoisseurs go wine tasting through the country side.  Adventure seekers can hike the Blue Mountains or see the penguins on Phillip Mountain.  Australia and New Zealand have something to offer for all types of people!


Cruises can take you anywhere you want in the world.  From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean to the Pacific, there is a cruise available for you.  At Aztec Travel we offer a variety of cruise lines that travel all over the world.  Each cruise line offers different restaurants on board along with different activities to keep people of all ages entertained.  Each cruise line also stops at different destinations along the way for you to get off at and plan excursions.  Have us help you to decide what cruise line would best fit your lifestyle and let us plan your dream vacation!

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